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Pimp: The Cheering Up Meme!

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The Cheering Up Meme!

All fandoms. All pairings. Fic & Art friendly.

the Mark Left Behind

Originally posted by kikislasha at the Mark Left Behind
Title: The Mark Left Behind
fandom: BBC Sherlock
pairing: Sherlock/John
rating: whatever you'd consider the show, I guess PG-13...? Nothing strays beyond fluffy.
length: 4,100 words
case-fic, pre-Johnlock, post Reichenbach, fluffish, cross-posted

Inspired by tan lines and porn, though I apologize for lack of porn in this. Layouts of hotels, parliamentary ridings, and the ability f\to fool key-card locks are all taken advantage of in this story.

Synopsis: John starts to notice things about Sherlock after he returns from his death. Mycroft is in a giving mood and antique phones are sometimes...well, phony.

John stares at it for a moment. Sherlock stares straight ahead. The television announces a celebrity.Collapse )

Originally posted by kikislasha at All I need is the air that you breathe 2
title: All I need is the air that you breathe (and to love you)
fandom: BBC Sherlock
pairing: John/Sherlock
rating: PG

Starting up practice of my Sherlock! and John! voices. The opposite POV of first drabble here. Post Reichenbach reunion 

Summary: I watch the pulse at his neck, I watch the rise and fall of his chest. The twitch of fingers. The rock of maintaining balance. Not dead, I notice.Collapse )

All I need is the air that you breathe

Originally posted by kikislasha at All I need is the that you breathe

Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rating: PG

Starting up practice of my Sherlock! and John! voices. Series of drabbles to come. Under 500 words for the time being. Post Reichenbach fall. Not much to spoil, though.

Summary: His eyes are like steel traps and his gaze searches my face, considering whether to break or caress.Collapse )

A Lack Of Understanding

Title: A Lack Of Understanding
Fandom: Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock/John (but only sort of. It's ambiguous. But I'm a slasher at heart.)
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 2235
Summary: "He'd been anticipating this meeting for a long time – almost before The Fall. He knew how it would play out, too. John would punch him, obviously. John was a soldier: the physical violence was inevitable."
Recommended Listening: "A Lack of Understanding" by The Vaccines and Vladimir Martynov's "Beatitudes"

I've got too much time on my hands...Collapse )

Mycroft Fic

Mycroft's reaction to his brother's "death."

Read more...Collapse )

And Now We Seem Not What We Aching Are

Like everyone else in the fandom, here's my take on John's reaction to the non-suicide of Sherlock. I hope you enjoy the catharsis.

When we as strangers sought...Collapse )

Dandelions and Pirates

Silly fluffy AU. They're very eloquent 12 year olds.

"Being a pirate is never a game, John."Collapse )

New members!

So I just happened to spot that we have a load of new members recently. Welcome guys, feel free to post your fics any time you like and if you want to start a discussion post let either me or life_downsized know and we'll happily set that up!

Good luck and Happy New Year (for 4 days ago) xxx

Hi there!

Hello and welcome to slash_deduced! This is basically a community where you can post fan fiction or art relating to the BBC series 'Sherlock'.

You can write or draw almost anything and post it here (all posts are moderated though) and it's there for everyone to enjoy. Don't be afraid; embrace the slash!

Basic ground rules are:
  1. Anything that may be offensive or too strong can and (likely) will be rejected
  2. We do not accept any kind of nastiness on here
  3. Please tag all your posts and keep everything neat and tidy (lj-cuts, tags, warnings etc.)
  4. Please follow the guidelines to posting your fics (next post) as it makes everything so much easier
  5. Respect other peoples tastes and work

We'll later be posting a few guidelines about posting your fics or artwork. Thanks for reading!

Myself (magicunicorn13) and life_downsized are your mods so lease feel free to send us a message if you have any questions. We promise we don't bite!